Company for your best friend while you are away


Maroochy Boarding Kennels Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care at Maroochy Boarding Kennels Sunshine Coast

Caring for you dog when you are away

Doggy Day Care Maroochy Boarding Kennels Sunshine Coast If you are called away unexpectedly, or simply don’t like the idea of leaving you dog alone all day, Maroochy Boarding Kennels’ Doggy Day Care is the solution for you.

We can care for you dog or puppy during business hours and you can drop off your dog before work and collect after work, or make use of our convenience Pet Taxi Service. You will be assured peace of mind that your beloved dog is being entertained rather than being alone all day.

This is particularly helpful for new puppies or dogs used to being with you during the day. Doggy Day Care is also very helpful for holidaying families on the Sunshine Coast who have brought their dog with them. Perhaps an all day trip to Australia Zoo will mean someone needs to care for your dog during the day rather than being left alone at the holiday accommodation.

Doggy Day Care at Kunda Park, Sunshine Coast is available Monday to Friday. Doggie daycare drop off and pick up hours are as follows:

7am till 9am and 3.30pm till 5pm

Please contact us for more information on Doggy Day Care or call us on 5445 1786.
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